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Website promotion title is important

  Web promotion first to optimize Web sites. In the title of the page is one of the most important elements of website optimization. Search engine crawlers to the site, the first view is the title of the page, the title is advertising, title will have a direct impact on the product in the search engine rankings. Title is so important, how to write a good title? Network marketing training experts give the following advice for reference:
first, the control words in the page title
under the terms of the World Wide Web Consortium, the title must not exceed 64 characters in length, because search engines index the page title length varies, so the title should be in actual operation control in less than 64 characters in length. In practice, however, even if you have no more than 64 characters, the title may also be phase is about 40 characters, in this case, we recommend setting the page title when the title character number is less than 40 characters, so that to a certain extent can prevent the title from being truncated.
Secondly, keyword summary page
If your company is not enough to be famous, you are best advised not to their company or business names to name your page titles, it is best to use several keywords or phrases described the content of the page, allowing users to know what content is provided by this page. Doing so can make a Web page's ranking in the search engines more accurate.
end: do not stack keywords in the title of
some people think the title so important, then we can put some core keywords in the title is not better rankings? instead, a plethora of placing keywords in the title, you would be disgusted by search engine, either down the right, while shielding. Keywords in the title do not repeat. Title is the best word, rather than the accumulation of a keyword.
network to promote the most important of which is the accumulation of experience, accumulation of working into practice. Good acceptance, dare to innovate!

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