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Impact of Web site content updates on keyword ranking

  If said do a website optimization which block most difficult believes many SEOer will lamented certainly is website of content construction most difficult, a website content is search engine of rations, content is user experience of principles (certainly is established in good of website planning on), why many x junk website will hanging, why pseudo original website eventually will fell, after all that website no can let user found think is himself wants to of content, I am a SEOer not to establish content, we also need to pay attention to "the internal factors affecting Web site optimization ranking" so website optimization, content is the most difficult and important element.
for updating website content with keywords ranking what's the difference?
a website of core keywords the set in what location, certainly is website of Home, if for website keywords of set also not understand of can reference related articles "website SEO planning" for understand, for search engine, a website keywords of ranking that involves of primary weight is Home, while website optimization Home keywords is is himself optimization keywords ranking of target, so in set keywords of when often will put in Home as website optimization of target beginning.
site structure planning book will see this text it was to site Home to design a new content section, the purpose of this is to enable search engines to your site content, enabling site snapshot update can be more timely. In website update Home of while many situation next page of keywords ranking will with of website content, and website outside chain, related of factors guide with by optimization of keywords with of and fluctuations up, may you of outside chain day day of in increased, content included day than day good, ranking does is last month and Xia one months didn't how many difference, more situation Xia may also will met into three back five, into five back 10 of situation occurred, many situation Xia in operation during will met keywords ranking find not to breakthrough ranking forever in place stepping, If you met this situation? Shenzhen SEO-Tsengwen and tested for this problem that is caused by updating the Web site.
site updates at the site gives new content is a good thing, but also need to pay attention to several issues of the update, combined with sites outside the chain, operates within the chain Web site optimization effort.
a, and website information correlation
has on website optimization how to added content of articles mentioned had, a website optimization articles content of correlation is important, if a website of content overall situation down with website by optimization of keywords eight times times pole playing not with words, wants to keywords ranking is good or that is impossible of things, so to website update content of when as added correlation of content for update.
II, and website keywords proportion
for website optimization keywords proportion adjustment had fast of situation Xia search engine also no adapted this website, more precision of said is search engine gives of website weight than lower of situation Xia, website overall of keywords occupies proportion don't adjustment too frequently, that is through website for update a time Hou, website Home snapshot of speed can more Shang of Shi Hou, on can through website website content or using article information entrance of mode to update website content, While more need on need to website of keywords pulled up upgrade weight and reached keywords of ranking effect, why will how processing because according to we found regardless of is any a paragraph search engine, first gives title of weight highest, because search engine is through station in user angle and design, so many situation Xia we find information will see of is full match or with keywords title of information appeared in front, so we update website of when website will in title Shang Insert keywords to title, Causes the title of website optimization keywords at the same time, leading website keywords ratio fluctuations ensue, keyword ranking will be volatile for permanent updates.
c, site content quality
why is the original site or direct copy-and-paste information content the search engines won't or don't like it, often is not included, this is related to the quality of the content, why have a written customer give me a site to ask, why is my site not included? Lost my website ranking? , Related problem, which main involves except front two a problem outside, website content of quality became mastermind, regardless of you is station also is station, if website information content quality not high, even website fundamental not on didn't for search engine recognized of content words you of website not included is normal, if said you said you of website zhiqian included not is good, for a Enterprise website, a two months included 10-100 Zhijian this digital of website abound, may you not to to website update website of ranking will good some , Send links your site's ranking rose faster, but if you add content to the site without any relevance and content quality for the site is "0" case, the website gives you such a long, stable website keywords ranking, but will plummet this is website content update where the relationship with the Web site keyword ranking.

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