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How to use a blog to Web site promotion

  do site more now, rankings, and a lot, using blogs (blog group mass-building), is a method of site outside the chain, recently did some Optimization SEO for blogs in Wuhan, the effect, but it is not very clear. Because the blog is to spend time here, Wuhan SEO according to our own blog ranking tips to share with you!
, keyword
blog is a blog by blog nickname composed and post tags. We carefully when blogging friends is not difficult to find a label. Tab select automatically match it will crawl popular articles a few words, we mainly do keywords ranking, do not automatically match and collating keyword has been entered manually between keywords separated by a space. This is the first blog post written by keywords set well, but went on to add blog posts will also face writes the labels and want to skip writing is not enough. Tags are keywords cannot be written, in order to avoid overwriting the article set label content on all blog posts can only choose the same label.
ER, blog rank
If the keyword competition is not fierce generally can do about 10 days, fierce, it would require a lot of time and effort. Little tips blog keyword ranking, if as many users do, just a little leisure time articles to the blog, this is certainly not ranked. Tips here: 3 original and original blog post up every day, each blog post 3 or out the anchor text links pointing to your blog address. If you want effective ranking up fast blog keywords, you can post some links, or links. Description

III, blog blog Mate described clearly, very helpful for blog ranking, gradual start below the main content, blog keyword ranking.
four, said in the blog title
network marketing training, first opened Sina Blog, need to pay attention to here is the nickname will be the title of the blog, it is very important for SEO optimization. Specifically how to write the title here and we don't, and what to put in the required prior to start a blog on blog content, Mate how to write first a thought. Description nickname is here blog Home Mate part title, nickname determines it is impossible to change the note. This first blog Title set followed by a keyword. Weaknesses

v, blog credibility is not high, third-party platforms to report may be deleted, words cannot be edited, fierce competition does not recommend using blogs because blogs are just a page weight is no Home high.

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