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Corporate Web site how to URL and site structure optimization

  believes most people will choose c to me, because this not only c-net short, without any parameters, but also contains a Web content keyword, and easier to remember.
generally speaking, spiders crawling a website is through the process of each link URL to crawl line. For a list of more than three, the deeper the directory hierarchy can lead to creeping smoothly, this is actually a search engine crawl the page corners.
search engine is the same, if the URL is too long, or if you have "?" kind of argument, would think that the site does not search engine friendly, generally speaking, using SEO URL structure, list of three-layer is the most appropriate. Refers to the so-called three-tier directory open structures such as c Web site.
in addition, the mention in the Google Webmaster Help: simplify domain name the parameter, if you can take the form of static or generate static, search engine has been a big help.
simple terms, URL optimization generally consists of two parts, one is the choice of domain name, and the other is the directory name and file name of a Web page optimized.
1.1 Web directory structure of
in the process of building on the site, we will * type articles in the same section, and the section of the page file is placed in the same folder. Therefore, we can optimize the directory name. In case of allowed, you can modify the directory name to the article of the type keyword. Optimization must take note: If most of the URL has to be included, and ranks well, be sure to carefully modify the URL.
the above mentioned, the use of SEO URL structure, three-level directory structure is the most appropriate. Not just because of a three-tier list entirely capable of dealing with the needs of small and medium Web site files, and also very helpful for smooth crawling of search engine.
of the so-called three-tier list, both for form www.****.com/SEO/title.html directory structure. This structure, we usually take "directory named with a list of keywords" at first ...
optimization of the directory name, the simplest is to keyword spelling and English words to name program folder. File naming and directory contents page is more or less the same, of course, content pages can be named in the title or keywords as the name of each keyword can be used between intellectual dashes "-" segment. In this note is that content page naming is very flexible, if page optimization elements is too small, you can use the file-naming related keywords or title of the page, but if a page has been optimized , we can directly use the system default file name.
1.2 selecting a suitable content of the Web site domain name
there are many SEO website optimization, when the people in the industry will try to find keyword domain names recorded, for example, flashgame.NET such forms. This approach to the user experience, search engine indexing, keyword ranking has a great advantage. But now the domain name resources, trying to find a domain name that contains keywords are too difficult to hard, so we can take when choosing a domain name and a bar in the middle of the way.
there are many webmasters to make their site look larger, each channel is your site doing a second-level domain names, although such practice will bring massive even to note domain name, but you know, the weights of each second-level domain name with the primary domain name is the same, www is actually a second-level domain name. This is tantamount to disperse SEO effort, let the page rank of each second level domain name is not very good. Large sites do this because large Web sites with huge amounts of content, so that each second-level domain name will have a very good weight, personal website, does not recommend doing so.
sometimes we inadvertently discovered a good domain name, but not too comfortable,. Before registering the domain name, we must first check the domain name was not registered, if you have registered, there is no search engine k. Without the effect of registered a domain name that is k, would be very difficult for our SEO work.
personal website is: each section using a folder or archive the page to a folder, such as articles such as folders, a folder of pictures to ensure weight maximum concentration.

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