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Website optimization problems that should be noticed how much you know

  Website promotion is a key work of the Web site, a complex piece of work, is also a build up of work. Promotion of website promotion should not only adhere to the patient, and constantly sum up experience in the promotion. Note the following, Web site promotion effort.
(1) promotion promotion
website, there are 2, one is his promotion, is an outsourcing service. His promotion to master plan the site, find their own ways to promote. Outsourcing services, you can learn from outsourcing to promote methods and their promotion, outsourcing services, to promote the effectiveness and resources linked together, enabling site financial operations.
(2) outreach program
each site has their own outreach programmes, noting website promotion method, measuring method of each extension, is an important inference. Forum to promote the Web site, the Web site you want to promote, promotion, promotion, promotion, and so on. In the implementation of programmes for, to be able to do the detailed division of labour and responsibility to the people to perform good website promotion plan. If in the process of promoting, carried out 1 month or a quarter, will be to review the outreach programme, whether your next promotion.
(3) websites ready
the premise of Web site promotion is the Foundation site work to do, such as Web site content development, website construction, good user experience of the Web site search engine friendly. If your website is not ready, then you don't need to select in advance the promotion, if you promote a user opens your site, not a thing, then promoted acts played a very big role. In the site preparation phase, as a site to establish their own brand, this brand to enable your Web site products and content are better together.
(4) master time to promote
site is accompanied by a website, always, Web site promotion Web site has the meaning of sources of income. Know the story of the tortoise and the Hare running, Web site promotion, too, if the age of the site over time, who can last, then who is the winner. With Web site promotion time delay, websites need to indirectly promote, or under wired promotion, website promotion is not only limited to on the Internet, but also attention to the product of the Internet.
(5) management
Web site promotion programs, integral management personnel, to oversee implementation of the promotion, one is solving difficulties in promotion, mainly deals with the promotional process operations. Website promotion practices a division when this site is extended to 1000 per day IP, to 10,000 per day IP when, on the methods of promoting the rational choice, the more advanced way to promote, to master the professional promotion methods.
Summary: website promotion process, as a process of growth, each growing up, is facing a different problem. We need to be in the process of promoting, basics of promotion methods, timely summary can do better work.

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