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Web site optimization Baidu snapshot based traffic analysis

  Baidu in the granting of a single ranking will take into account experience, even if your article is original, but as long as each other's experience than you, the ranking you will reprint your people. Now, some people call this experience the problem. Said is a good user experience, natural rankings, this opinion is very arbitrary. Because to be honest, I do not think that the search engine spiders to smart to the point. Search engines do not like people to one Web site rate the experience. However, for quality of experience also other ways that you can determine, these are attributed to program personnel, and written procedures are often used If Then end. Based on site-related degree, then at the competition site weight. Imagine that you reprint an article, theme to your Web site was very similar to the original one, site does not tally with him, then Baidu will give you a better ranking than the original. Because the search engines think your experience is better than him, very silent.
do not know if you have noticed, some Web sites are not on the site title. Some domain names are used as domain parking, some even could not be opened. Anyway, I won't say here, but Baidu is a way to give this site a proper       name, we do not doubt that if someone wants it own a junk site experimental, remove the title, Baidu is still able to find an appropriate site, the site name is according to summarize site outreach. What does this prove? this prove that Baidu can more accurately determine your site's relevance, in fact, my views are somewhat similar in all accounts of the long tail, assuming your site is characterized by Baidu: world of Warcraft, so some of the information related to your world of Warcraft will be able to get a good ranking.
many friends when it comes to search engine optimization ranking website design company in Shenzhen, and think that it is a single page tag optimization, in fact, that view is wrong.
do Baidu optimization now say is getting harder, Baidu ranking algorithm is also more and more elusive. But don't lose heart, to know more about recent Baidu, news and so you can still see some trick, collecting useful information is good for your website ranking.
in search engine Baidu ranking optimization service Shi, to do watches Enterprise website construction of work roughly has following points:
first step: Baidu snapshot optimization website based flow analysis:
flow statistics system installation
flow route analysis,
area distribution analysis,
second step: Baidu snapshot Government website construction optimization website optimization processing:
website structure optimization: let website structure rationalization, to for search engine habits
Web page optimization: keyword layout, photo processing, and so on.
website optimization: site connection system as a whole, on the one hand allows the search engines to search, combined with user habits on the one hand, guide the user to website construction site in Shenzhen, to broker a final deal.
Web site optimization tags: Web label design and optimization.
third step: Baidu snapshot optimization website diagnosis, including:
website structure diagnosis: see its whether for search engine habits;
website page diagnosis: see its whether layout reasonable, processing properly;
website file name diagnosis: see its whether with has not reasonable of file name;
website marketing based diagnosis: see its currently by with of network promotion aspects whether reasonable.
fourth step: Baidu snapshot optimization, search engine optimization and strategy:
manufacturing flow: the clock Web site building process we will use many methods of online marketing.
making an external connection: through links, article promotion, posting propaganda and so on ways to improve the site in the external connections.
... ...
site if you want to do well in SEO, well first of all to their own, promotion watch industry site building, Shenzhen Web design company can be achieved better rankings. So to Baidu search engine optimization website optimization is to think in terms of integrated marketing, then you have to do. In order to achieve the desired effect.

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