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Website optimization, SEO and social relationship between network optimization and SMO

  social network optimization (Social Media Optimization) can then be used by a large number of SNS, Twitter power for Web sites or brands importing large amounts of site traffic. By means of interpersonal communication, is the spread of the virus spread like wildfire and spread out. Therefore, the traditional SEO method of obtaining traffic cannot fully meet the needs of network marketing companies. New SMO is increasingly showing its strong marketing ability. So, what is the difference between SMO and SEO? Shenzhen Web design information with Facebook, Twitter and other social media development, the new wave of Internet marketing is sweeping the world. User information has been gradually from traditional search channels to Instant Messaging, social media transition. According to recent HitWise report showed, led by Facebook, Twitter, social media has overtaken Google as the numerous Web sites such as CNN's largest source of traffic.
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SMO is concerned about the adjustment of existing sites, such as adding a social share plugin, by fresh information or submitting content to the social sharing media, so that more community information. From this point of view, SMO easier than SEO, and more operational, you do not need too much considering the site as a whole, such as code optimization and link elements, but mainly focused on the immediacy and sharing of content. And of course SEO stands for ' original King ' is consistent, the goal is to allow users to obtain valuable information.
SMO is viral marketing, promotion effect of Word of mouth marketing through social sharing feature can be spread, resulting in promotion. This active information sharing with ' trusted list ' feature, so, compared with traditional search engine simple ranking system, are more likely to be recognized and accepted by potential users.
of information sources is the importance of users is no longer relying only on search engines as a single source of information; a large number of users, is coming from the collection. So owners and brands should consider how to build on other media exposure and the share. Therefore, alone rely on SEO methods to get flow in SMO is not feasible.
predictably, SMO will play a more important role in the wave of future WEB2.0 social. Traditional SEO only to keep pace with, familiar with and master the SMO, effective means, evolution has made considerable progress in order to compete in the Internet marketing development.

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