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  Website promotion Commissioner
recruitment intention: full vocational recruitment number: 10 people gender requirements: unlimited
requirements degree: undergraduate above requirements age: 20-40 age requirements experience: a years above
effective term: long-term
post requirements:
1, and computer related professional undergraduate above degree;
2, and in-depth understanding website optimization of principle, can for website of status made effective of amendment;
3, and Related products/services for the site promotion articles and editing of original;
4, earnest, able to work under strength, with good text editing capabilities.
5, are familiar with the major search engines search ranking technology, especially Baidu,Google ranking techniques, successful Web site optimization experience.
6, familiar with the operation and promotion of the site in various ways, have a successful promotion and Internet resources, improve site's visibility and recognition.
7, strong analytical skills, effective analysis of the data on a regular basis.
8, can continue to focus on the development of search engines, and understand the latest trends.
9, proficient in HTML standards.
10, honest, trustworthy, disciplined and strong sense of team work, excellent communication skills, strong spirit of innovation.

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