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Shen Tong recognized head of the sort of violence to submit corrective action reports replace dot

Sto submitted self-examination and rectification reports after CCTV reported, MA Zhuang, shentong express in Beijing a sorting center in unloading and sorting free throw when the shipment, sorting workers crossed every now and then from the conveyor belt and foot message, throw to the opposite basket message. In the sorting center, from the truck to the pickup, and then to scan outbound shipments at least three times after throwing.
"really such a problem exists, after reports the company very seriously, has interviewed Beijing company, requested a full investigation into corrective action. "Jin Renchun said.
on January 4, the Shanghai postal Bureau interviewed the head of the Shanghai shentong express company, reaffirming the relevant legal provisions and legal liability, warned companies to strengthen management and strictly business. The same day, they are entitled to the State Post Bureau submitted the self-examination and rectification report.
Sto Express is the online shopping delivery leader, market share is more than 25%, but this has been sort of violence erupted. Last year's "double 11" period, Guangdong's media exposure, at Guangzhou shentong express delivery station of the "fragile" parcel direct throw throw, 2011 City Express reported in XI ' an flexible sorting of violence, violent sort has become the industry's ills.
one of the express delivery industry, told Xinhua, China's express delivery industry is the low price competition, industry average profit margins are now 3%-8%, 7, 8 bucks in the same city, express delivery companies can earn about 5 cents, now the whole industry is relying on quantity. Due to cost reasons, the courier company does not raise the level of mechanization and distribution, manual handling, sorting of violence it is inevitable. Another reason is that private courier are joining mode, subcontract many links, chain management, poor supervision of control more difficult. Sorting existing regulatory gaps
violence/> violence sorting problem but there is still no clear punitive measures. In express service standards implemented on May 1 last year, had to "sort of civilization" for detailed requirements, but if the enterprise does not enforce this standard, there is no clearly defined how you want to handle.
to strengthen market management, protect user interests, has been under consideration by the Ministry of transport of the express market management approach (trial revision). But how to prevent and punish the courier company "sort of violence" also is not specified. Would only say that "express service process, Express (email), delay, loss, damage and does not match the internal parts, business express business enterprise shall be in accordance with the user agreement, compensation according to law. "
Chief Advisor Xu of the China express Advisory Network believes that from multiple levels should perfect relevant laws and regulations. Express pickup service enterprise civilization in a quantitative, and punishment for violence clearly related to sorting criteria. Express to main sorting center, the competent authorities may use video monitoring and other ways to strengthen supervision to ensure quality of service. Meanwhile, to promote express business credit building, and establishing service standards, promote the courier companies "promise". In addition, hardware construction, the current domestic express enterprises should accelerate mechanized sorting and upgrading.

dialogue "Beijing will be the first pilot automatic equipment"
Beijing News: why is sort of violence?
Jin Renchun (Vice President of shentong Express): the end of peak Express, double 11, and 12 large-scale promotional activities, many consumers are concerned about blowing up problem employees under a lot of pressure, everyone is afraid of blowing up, to catch the time operation on the expense of the quality of service requirement. It was the result of lax management.
Beijing: Shanghai self-examination and what is the result? Other networks have similar violent sorting behavior?
Jin Renchun: obvious sort of violence is not like Beijing, but there are still some sorting behavior.
Beijing News: after being exposed to correction?
Jin Renchun: at present Shanghai has company-wide corrective action and reflection, and make adjustments to the network, some outlets a large quantity of the goods, but the distribution is not uniform on such outlets to shunting and improve distribution efficiency. The long run, the hardware needs to be upgraded. 2013 Sto on the basis of the existing 100,000-square-meter new 50,000 square meters of distribution centers, increased trucks of 300, in a small network equipment to ease the pressure. While the semi-automatic operation from the current upgrade to automatic operation, will take place this year in Beijing took the lead in the pilot, before the fight for March is equipped with automated equipment. Monitoring and control system is also upgraded, will realize in the future headquarters of the sorting centres, 24-hour monitoring in real time. 2013 hardware investment is the largest in 20 years for a year.
Beijing News: regulators in the interviews also suggested joining point management and rectification, shentong sorting of the repeated occurrence of violence related to the franchise model?


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