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Internet video copyright measures this year to be announced

  convened by the national copyright administration in combating Internet piracy "sword NET in action" Conference revealed that the Internet films and literary property supervision and management measures will be introduced this year. The management approach to regulatory bodies, objects, procedures, warning systems, information, further to regulate the video site to actively monitor, have completed the drafting work.
it is reported that since 2010 video site to actively monitor the work carried out since the Internet video piracy can be contained to a certain extent. In July 2012, December, NCA has aiqi arts networks and Apple stores into active under its jurisdiction. At present, the national copyright Bureau of monitoring sites up to 20, including uusee, SINA and youku, Baidu, Sohu, music video network site. Meanwhile, State Copyright Administration also actively monitor the films on the basis of information submitted to the Web site to establish a copyright licensing information for use by the community, particularly film and television rights and supervision and queries.
National Copyright Council copyright management Division related head said, in recent years China constantly increased combat network infringement piracy efforts, which by national copyright Council, and Ministry of public security, and Ministry, and national Internet Information Office joint carried out of combat network infringement piracy special governance "sword network action" full advance, and results explicit with, only in July 2012 to October between carried out of eighth times "sword network action" in the, around copyright administrative law enforcement sector total submitted handling network infringement piracy case 282 pieces, Confiscation of 93 servers and associated equipment, shut down 183.


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