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Miit: speed up the "broadband in China" build 2015 Internet users is expected to reach 800 million

  Minister Miao Wei said in an interview at the Ministry, said the Ministry will speed up the "broadband in China" build, by 2015 the number of Internet users in China exceeded 800 million.
Miao Wei said, the Ministry will speed up the "broadband in China" construction, strengthen the construction of fibre-optic broadband and renovation. Developing basic industries such as mobile Internet, e-commerce, turnover reached 18 trillion yuan by 2015 electronic commerce, Internet direct employment of more than 2.3 million people, software and information service industry revenues exceeded 4 trillion yuan, number of Internet users more than 800 million.
in addition, the Ministry will organize the implementation of major science and technology projects, breakthroughs in core operating system, chip, new shows, new electronic components, such as core foundation of key technologies.


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