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Aliyun million net official merge "HiChina" brand will be retained

  Alibaba Group announced its aliyun and Wan Ali, networks will be consolidated into the new company after the merger "HiChina" brand will be retained, aliyun's domain name service brands.
Alibaba group said the aliyun merged with million net, is based on the consistency of the business, product and user-oriented group, through the integration of realizing rational utilization and allocation of resources to each other, both sides of industry to maximum advantage and value. Based on "customer first" group of core values for both businesses and brands to achieve full integration and play a decisive role.
Ali stressed aliyun million in net after the merger, the existing cloud hosting, cloud network mailbox, users of the website and related business applications and other products, will, as always, extended service, and constantly improve product and service quality, and ensure that the interests of users. Ali's group in the field of Internet services and cloud computing advantage and core competence of Ali after the integration cloud company will also provide more help and improvement.
aliyun, founded on September 10, 2009, founded by Alibaba group, is committed to creating a public, open platform for cloud computing services, enhance the computing power and economies of scale, turn the cloud into public service, partners, SMEs, developers benefit from the value of cloud computing. HiChina is China's largest domain name registrar, has China's largest Web hosting market.
the aliyun million net of brand integration, Alibaba Group continued in the deep one of the symbols of the cloud computing market, also showed that Alibaba cloud computing market watch and sustained determination to put.


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