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Fraudulent users of China Telecom recorded alleged fraud by forcing service

  "be opened" service owner I didn't know it.
Mr Zhang told reporters that from August this year, he received similar uninterrupted health tips by SMS. At first, he is not paying attention, four months past, health tips message still appears. He checked the business only after know, starting in August, their numbers were launched the "health counselor" service charges 10 Yuan a month.
to this, 10000 hotline complaints customer service told him that "health counselor" SMS service that he himself agreed to open. After thinking it over, just can't recall promised to anyone launch a service. "My mobile phone to the Internet, rarely used to call if there is open adoption (service), I'm sure I remember. "
telecommunication sound recordings: sex call not logged and no source for the voice is not as vocal
a last resort, he requires proof of telecommunications is given its own promise to open the service. On the phone, he heard a recording,
"you do XXX? "(F)
" Yes! " "(F)
" you would like to participate in health services? "(F)
" OK! "(F)
from beginning to end, the recording of" owners "without hesitation, and seems to be without any emotion, namely does not talk like a normal person, especially the" okay "Word dragged on longer.
"don't talk about me becoming a woman in this recording, the voice heard on knew was forged. No human voices, word lengths are exactly the same. "In this regard, the interpretation of Telecom customer service, there may be Mr Zhang's family has no intention of answering the phone.
but then again found themselves on the Internet July, August's call list, discovered that there was no telecommunications call. In this regard, Telecom is still not admitting the force opened the "health counselor" service.
was forced to open "health counselor" a telecommunications users of many
said he received every day "health counselor" message, but he could not refuse the service. When he called up to 10000 to customer service when text messaging service is not needed, the service answered "service is free of charge, is not money. Does not interfere with your life and work. "This view, since he had asked Telecom no longer provide the service, then Telecom should stop sending text messages to him, otherwise constitute harassment.
entitled "shaking leaves hair dryers" the Netizen also recounts how he was forced to open "health counselor" experience. Free service expires, he contacted customer service to cancel the service, but customer service told him before the service charge has not come into effect, must charge to cancel. "This is not a fee trap? "
after the investigation, the reporter found that is forced or was secretly opened" health counselor "service is much more than a man, in some cities in Shandong, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Suqian have telecommunication users said" healthy user "" cheating "charges.
to this, China Telecom has explained, which launched "health counselor" service number, either within the package has the service, others are 10000 telephone marketing, as to why some owners will open the service was not informed, also depends on the specific number and open process.


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