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2014 report said India mobile Internet users will reach 130 million

  recently, India Internet and mobile Association (IAMAI) and IMRB International research advisory body released a report saying, mobile Internet users in the country will be increased from 87.1 million households currently in 2014 to 130.6 million.
report shows, the average monthly spending of 460 rupees (about 52.3 million), of which 198 rupees (about 22.5 million) for accessing the mobile Internet consumption. Most users would spend nearly a month 40% to access mobile Internet services, while the remainder is used for voice spend.
in the global smart phone along with the growing trend, most parts of the world use mobile Internet at high speed. According to earlier media reports, January 2011 India mobile Internet usage is only 18%, in March 2012 this percentage is close to 50%.
within just a year, the mobile Internet is growing so rapidly and its special network environment are inseparable. India due to the high fixed costs, combined with the lack of rural infrastructure, resulting in low fixed-line usage. As a network access point and mobile terminals not only low cost and quick and easy, much easier to India the networking needs of users.
in addition, this report also pointed out that in India in users of mobile Internet consumption, mail service, the social networking service and SMS service using the highest rate. These users about 2-6 times a week for online video viewing, access online games and online news reading. And in these mobile Internet behavior, online game users the 50%-time, for reading online news and watch videos online time is less than 30%.

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